Cut/Throat has multiple meanings. It relates to the cut throat nature of the fashion industry, which becomes more competitive and draining. It also refers to the materiality of over 20 fashion photographs that have been damaged, distressed or distorted in this body of work.

Aiming to penetrate the surface of fashion imagery, photographs are violently scarred, scratched, punctured, splattered with bodily fluids or subjects are submerged in water. All of the work is treated in the same manner – each of presented photographs marks two instants in time, contained and containing, the moment of the actual shot and the re-shot of the same image with a destructive gesture applied.

Inspired by the aesthetics of the crime photography, conceptual performance art and the surrealists' manifesto, in this work personal fears and desires are externalised and given visual form. Here, fashion is a focus for the examination of power relations and erotic exchange. 




Cut/Throat was on sale in London in 2017. It was stocked in a cult London’s bookshop Claire De Rouen. The publication was also exhibited in London same year.